"ChumpCar" 1st gen. RX7 road racer

For those of you not familiar with Chumpcar, it is a low-buck endurance racing series that is running at some killer tracks all around the country. In the South East, they hit up Daytona (FULL Rolex course), Sebring, Road Atlanta… This is some of the most fun I have had racing in a long time. Huge car counts and tons of track time.

Go to www.chumpcar.com and check it out…

We have one car already and we just can’t get everyone together with an agreeable timeline with everyone being so busy and I know how projects go - if we let it sit, it will become a permanent fixture in the shop. We were going to do a motor-swap with this car but it is unmodified at this point so it could still be used as a rotary-powered car. We want to sell everything as a package and you will get everything we have related to the car.

The Car:

1984 GSL-SE, so the 13B motor is “correct” and not a swapped motor. The car ran when we bought it and I drove it into the shop under it’s own power. It is an old IT7 car that was last raced in 2011. The motor that was in the car broke an apex seal and wiped out that rotor and housing. The other 1/2 of the motor is good, oil pressure was good too (thus why the car still ran).

We have the car totally stripped down, motor & tranny are out, wiring harness was pulled. Cage is well built (passed SCCA tech). The only thing we were going to do was add a 3rd door bar and possibly plate the d.s. door bars. The original motor is also torn down as we were curious to see the insides of a rotary (we have zero experience with rotaries).

Car has cheaty expensive coil overs on the front (also comes w/ a spare set that is more stock if you wish). Car has newer fuel cell, brand new foam. Comes with tach, oil press. gauge, water temp, removable steering wheel. Pretty sure it has low-lap Hawk Blue pads on it too. There are dings and dents, nothing that I think any racers would be too concerned with. Car will need a racing seat, we did not get one with the car. Still has stock hatch and 1/4 glass in great shape (which could be sold).

Over all car is a super solid base to start with.

The Spares:

We have so much spare stuff for this thing it isn’t even funny. I am not even going to begin to list every spare, I’ll hit the highlights.

This is in addtion to the car as described above

  • (2) complete rear end center sections, they are supposed to both be LSD’s
  • (1) spare 5-speed tranny, we were told it works but the previous owner was going to do a basic rebuild (syncro’s, etc) before racing it
  • (1) complete spare motor, supposedly has the exact same problem as the one that was in the car (one wiped out chamber), so you should be able to make 1 good motor from all the parts.
  • misc. engine components like another crank, distributors, injectors, intake, MAF’s, ECU etc.
  • misc. suspension components, complete set of struts/spindles, front sway bar, rear end housing (I think a pair of axles too)
  • 2nd gen. wiring harness, intake, injectors, and ECU
  • spare hood, headlight bucket, L.S. fender & door

Car is in Ormond Beach, Florida

$1500 takes it all.

email me davidsellshomes AT earthlink DOT net


Open to realistic offers!

Car sold, thanks!