Putnam Speedway

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I heard a rumor that a certain ex-promoter is coming out of retirement, and that he is paying $400 to start. Of course, the teams have to buy track tires, 4x25…$200.

I’m going to get a car to run there! He’ll love handing me all that money.

Kidding aside, it would be great if someone would get it together and open that cool track.

I heard they were having a pratice jan. 19th. This came from someone that was helping replace bleachers this week.

I am told they will do some practice stuff and then go into the 2013 schedule.


I talked to Benny (from Putnam) he said practice Jan 19th , season starts in March .

Photos of the track look really nice. I’ve got to get myself to that track sometime. It looks like it’s a great track so don’t take the following as a complaint. I’m not sure I like the looks of the steel guard rails on the wood posts. I can picture someone getting sideways on the grass and sliding into the end of those. I once hooked some EKG leads up to a beautiful 18 year old girl who was still sitting in her car. She gone off the road and the rail penetrated the car and hit her. She had been there a while and her rhythm was what is known as asystole, better known as a flat line. That was the end of life for her. It was the daughter of a friend so I seem to always think of that when I see something like this. Hopefully the track will put some tires or something else in front of that corner.

I agree 1000%, Having retired as a National Safety Director, I can’t help looking at all safety aspects (or lack of) at race tracks I visit… OSF

OSF… I am shocked and disappointed with you right now. When I saw the headline “Putnam”, and that you had responded, I just KNEW the word ‘cheeseburger’ was gonna get in there somehow…!

I have no doubts that senility is playing a role here, but damn son, don’t let it happen again…!

Excellent turn out for test & tune with at least 25-30 cars showing up…Alot of work went into fixing up the facility,hope many fans show up to support the efforts!

Jerry 118
You are so right …again…damn it…that track had the BEST burger n’ fries for 5.00 of any track in Fl. Doubt that will be duplicated again, but you couldn’t go there w/o eating at the track… I would pass joints on the way because I knew they had great food/prices…OSF


practiced there the 19th , practice again 26th ,first race Feb 2nd