Complete Turn Key DJ/Karaoke Business for sale

FOR SALE: Have a complete DJ Business for sale. This is complete & ready to use with nothing to purchase with over $14,000.00 invested.

LED Lights, Light bar & Curtain, fogger, flasher light, mix table, complete electronics. brand new speakers ($1400.00/ea.), computer, complete Karaoke system with over 12 thousand songs for the karaoke plus the DJ music as well. Monitor, Mics, this is completely turn key and all top of the line equipment and nothing cheap imitation. Cannot find or buy this stuff at walmart. This is perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, school dances, special events & even night clubs or bars looking for a weekly DJ or Karaoke night which you could charge $150-$250 per night. The average rate for single events, other then a bar gig, is $400-$700 per event or $100/hr. ALL Top of the line stuff.

Just moved to Spring Hill, Florida & have no plans to do this down there with my other business plans. Do not have to sell but would like to!

ASKING PRICE: $6000.00 but the price has some room for negotiation. Message me if interested as well as for pics, etc.

Someone could easily make back the asking price within 10-15 events, which is not hard to do at all. We used craigslist & facebook advertising only and could easily have booked 4-6 events per month.

Make me an offer through message or call me at 269-217-7253 & you might be surprised! thanks. leave me your email address in messages or texts for pics of all the equipment. thanks