Could not make lil 500 not a Nascar sanctioned track

Crash guys now need to use Nascar tracks more info later. Who won and who wrecked hope all had fun.:ernaehrung004:

Boneman, I had planned on coming for my only 2nd time, but I had my personal version of “Crash A Rama” Tuesday afternoon on my way home (out of hospital late thurs.). Sounded like a lot of fun.
Next time I’ll be there.

Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are ok now.

Thanks Cara. Car did not survive.

Cars can be replaced but you can’t. :slight_smile:

Dave, the vette didn’t get torn up, did it? Glad you are ok, there will be other kart days.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the Vette (tired of it already). It was my Impala. Of course they don’t want to give me anything for it. I’m dissapointed with JR and Danica (Nationwide).