Speed World announcement

By this time you are all aware Speed World has been sold. Also, as of yesterday we are NASCAR sanctioned. Thursday, January 24th., at 7:30 P. M. we will have a meeting with the NASCAR official FOR ALL SPEED WORLD DRIVERS to answer any questions you may have. Please wait until that time to ask us anything. Do not call as we do not have any answers at this time. Ozzy and Maria will provide food and sodas while you are there. Please spread the word to all our drivers. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on Thursday. IT IS TIME GREAT THINGS HAPPEN FOR SPEED WORLD now is our opportunity to shine!
Butch & Barbara

What is the cost of a Nascar license. When we go to Bowman Gray they are Nascar sanctioned and you can’t enter the pits during regular racing without a Nascar license and I heard a license was around $400. Just curious if it does indeed cost that much.

I sure hope it not 400 but searching online I can’t find any information on it.

We have no information at this time. Will have to wait until Thursday. The track has been leased. Also, the meeting will be held at Speed World.

If anyone is planning on running at New Smyrna for the World Series, regardless of division, you will need to purchase a 10-day Temporary License for $25.00

If I recall correctly, another racer had posted that it was $150 for the year. Keep in mind, my word is anything but ‘official’.

Clarification for NASCAR Licenses

All drivers are required to have a NASCAR license. The fee for licenses is $190.00 for Division 1 Drivers (at New Smyrna this will be all Super Late Models) and $95.00 for all other Drivers and Crew Members.

Again, crew members are not required to have licenses, but are strongly encouraged to. Without a license, you have $50,000 medical coverage in case of an injury. With a license, you have $1,050,000 in medical coverage.

Ten day (10) day licenses can be used one time a year (for 10 consecutive days) at a cost of $50.00 for Division 1 Drivers and $25.00 for all other division drivers and crew members.

where is the meeting held at

Sold or leased? Keep hearing both things. I’m not a driver so I can’t come to the meeting.