FASTRAK Drivers SPOTLIGHT - #38 Alessa Young

FASTRAK Drivers SPOTLIGHT ? #38 Alessa Young from West Chester, Pennsylvania


Tell us about yourself.
My name is Alessa Young and I?m nineteen years old from West Chester, Pennsylvannia right outside of Philadelphia. I am currently a sophomore at Towson University where I am majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Spanish. When I?m not racing on the weekends, I am working at my family?s business and a local ice cream store.

How did you get into racing? How old were you? First car/class?
My family has always been into racing. My Pop-pop raced mini stocks and midgets while my Dad raced mini stocks and motorcycles. My family also has an auto repair shop, so our life truly does revolve around cars. One summer my parents and I followed the World of Outlaw sprint cars to Hagerstown, MD. Next to the big track is a quarter midget tracks that had a national event that year. I looked at my dad and said, ?I think I can do that.? From there, it was history. I began racing when I was 10 years old in quarter midgets. At 16 years old I retired from quarter midgets. After trying out micro sprints, sprint cars, and late models, I decided to run a crate late model won.

What is your favorite racing memory?
My favorite racing memory is my last race in quarter midgets at the Motorama event in Harrisburg, PA. Before the race even started we had a flat tire. Luckily, there was a caution on the opening lap and I came in to the hot chute. My Dad and his friends quickly changed the tire and got me right back out onto the track. I started last. I had some trouble getting around a few of my competitors, but finally pulled off a win. It?s my favorite racing memory because it wasn?t a win that wasn?t handed to me, I really had to drive my way to the front.

Greatest achievement in your racing career?
My greatest achievement in my racing career would be receiving Driver of the Year and Sportsman of the Year from Montgomery County Quarter Midget Race Club. The two awards were never won by the same person in the same year, let alone a female driver.
Any superstitions (peanuts not allowed in pits, etc)?
Before I go out on the track, whether it?s for practice or a race, my Dad and I do a handshake. We also have a superstition with pennies. If we drop any pennies on the ground at our house and they land tails up, we do not pick them up. Other than that, I?m not that superstitious. I used to drive cars that were lime green!

What is the story behind running the number you choose?
When I was younger I really enjoyed watching Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Dale Earnhardt Jr. race. So I decided to put their two numbers together to get my number, 38.

What is the hardest part of racing?
The hardest part about racing is getting to the track on time. My family has a habit of showing up late to everything. When we get to the track late, it messes up the whole night.

What got you involved with the FASTRAK Racing Series and what keeps you racing with the Series??
I got involved with FASTRAK because the series was being run at New Egypt Speedway in New Egypt, NJ. The track is a reasonable distant from home. What keeps me running in the FASTRAK series is how consistently it runs. We could travel down south or out west and still be familiar with the rules.

Tell us what you like most about your home track? What are some of your other favorite tracks & why do you like them so much? What?s the hardest track you?ve ever competed at?
My home track is New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey. The track has great facilities with dedicated staff. Each week they work extremely hard to keep the track in the best of conditions. We have also visited US-13, Georgetown Speedway, and Grandview Speedway. I enjoy racing at the different tracks because I like the change of scenery. The hardest track I?ve competed at is Georgetown Speedway. You need guts to race there.
What do you like to do when you are not racing?
When I?m not racing I like to read and hang out with my family and friends. Most of my spare time is seeking out places to eat ice cream because I am a huge ice cream fanatic. Recently I?ve gotten into skiing. It?s a hobby for the off season.

People you?d like to thank & sponsors.
I would like to thank Young?s Garage Inc. as well as PWP Racing, and KPR. There are also many people that have put in long nights at the shop, so I have to thank the following: Dave Gallagher, Mike Maires, Hal Browning, Mike Banis, and John Bailey. Also a very special thank you to my Mom, Josh, Tyler, and Anthony. Lastly I couldn?t be anywhere without my Dad, so big thank you to him!

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