Events Section

In the next day or so I am going to make a section strictly for the posting of events. I am asking the series and tracks to feel free to post the upcoming events there and not this part of the message board. I feel it will be easier for everyone to check what’s going on at each track etc.


Do you want my promo’s there too?

Yes, Thank you.

OK I will do that!

The EVENTS SECTION is now part of the message board.


:sport009:Great idea! We can see whats going on all in one place!

Auburndale April 13


Rick A.

Why don’t you make the EVENTS a sticky, so we’ll know where it is. It might help some of these FB promoters to use it also. billy

Only a post can be stuck not a section. The post above that says: ATTENTION Tracks, Promoters, Series Etc.PLEASE READ!!! has a link to the section.

This is a great move.