Thanks to all those who attended and supported the FUPTS Series Banquet !

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the drivers, families, crews, track owners & promoters and guests who showed up for the Florida United Pro-Truck Series Banquet. We had with guests and all right at 100 people in attendance. I want to again thank Randy Leonard & Amy Campbell for so much hard work and effort to make this a first class banquet. I want to thank Alan Jay Automotive Network and Blackwater Integration for sponsoring the banquet to make it affordable for everyone. I thank you all for the wonderful plaque and gift card, but more importantly all the kind works and thanks. That means so much to me. I also want all of you to remember what I said in my speech, remember it is a passion and we need to focus on that when we are upset, mad and fustrated and remember life is short, each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year is a blessing from God. To be able to do what we love is a gift. Make your lives count and not be a wasted time. I had an amazing night and will never forget it and what we accomplished together. Thanks to my officials, more importantly friends, Carl Green, Eric Reynolds and Shawn Reutimann. I appreciate you all very much ! I wish you all luck as you chase our passion, racing this year. Good luck to you all and God bless !

FUPTS Banquet

Rick! What a great evening and send off for you personally. I have been to many racing banquets even on the professional level, however, I can truly say that although it was little stressful to assist you in preparing this classy event, the group of people gathered were all special individuals and everyone had an awesome time with great food, fellowship, friendship and fun. Everyone involved worked hard to make the event memorable.

We may be competitors on the track, but that night we were all one big family of friends, with the ?passion? you so eloquently expressed in your speech!. I couldn?t be more proud to be a part of the truck series. I am confident that in the coming year, the new series will take the legacy you left us with and expand on it to keep the pro trucks the best racing division. We look forward to you assisting Rick Williams whenever you are needed at the 2013 events.

May God bless you in your new endeavor and you will be forever in our hearts!!!