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Figure 8 races…These are Late Model figure 8 cars. The biggest baddest figure 8 cars in the world. If ya like you gotta see this.


January 29, 2013 - Indianapolis, IN - The International Outlaw Figure 8 Series (IOFS) is only days away from competing in the Southern Figure-8 World Finals Championships at Showtime Speedway in Pinellas Park, FL. It will mark the first time the IOFS has competed in the state of Florida.

Outlaw Figure 8 racing in the state of Florida isn’t a new concept. These Late Model Figure 8 cars have competed during Florida Speedweeks in years past with America’s Figure 8 Challenge Series as well as the World Figure 8 Tour. But, the 2013 appearance of these cars in the Sunshine state will mark the richest Figure 8 purse in Florida Figure 8 history.

The IOFS stars will be competing in a three day format with open practice scheduled for Thursday Jan. 31st from 3pm until 9pm. Friday Feb.1 will feature qualifying at 6pm followed by heat races that will help determine Saturday night’s starting lineup. Saturday night’s action will include last chance races that will finalize the starting lineup for the 120 lap championship race.

IOFS Managing Partner, David Sink, explained the importance of this weekend’s event to the state of Florida." Showtime Speedway promoter Robert Yoho and his staff have assembled a first class event. The winner is going to take home $5,000 dollars and huge bragging rights" explained Sink. " There isn’t much going on in Indiana this time of year so it makes the event that much more special. I know our guys cant wait to get down there, that’s for sure. Florida Figure 8 fans are in for a real treat" concluded Sink.

The inaugural Southern Figure-8 World Finals Championships is shaping up to be arguably the second biggest Figure 8 race in the country in terms of total purse monies. The winner will take home $5,000 with a guaranteed.$200 to start. Northern drivers who have indicated they will participate in the weekend’s event include:Mike Riddle Jr., Doug Greig, Charlie Hargraves, Dane Laster, Eddie Van Meter, Shawn Cullen, Cory Harmon, Ben Tunny, Mark Tunny, Jesse Tunny among others. Several Sunshine state drivers are expected to compete in this event as well.

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This Is The Real Deal Figure 8 Cars

Good job yoho nice to see these cars come this way should be a great show.

I commend Yoho for landing this race series. However, this is not the 1st time a big winter figure 8 event was held at this track. Sunshine rented the track out to John Stiles from IN several times and they would have great figure 8’s. The big race would be a 6O minute endro and when the time was up the leader was the winner. Some of the great local drivers would enter, however, no match to these fast cars.

Figure 8

Yea we see that, the artical says they raced there in years past under another sanction. I worked some of the show that John Styles put on. They were great shows.