Need your engine refreshed or built

Let me know low labor rates 386 689 7650

Hey do you have another contact number I can reach you at because the current one goes straight to voice-mail.


Sorry got different number 3863153908

need a engine

I need a engine for a hobby stock at bubba raceway park how much for a good one blew mine up Saturday, and where are you located.

Sarge 56:ernaehrung004:


sorry my number is 352-875-5883

Sarge 56

how much is your labor rate

To build a motor from nothing 400

That for putting it together

Wow ,how much to turn a crank. It’s a Callie’s 3.572 stroke at 2.100 pin could you offset grind it to 2.0 pin and get me around 3.625. It’s already 44# bobs are ultra lite. How much to re harden it and balance again.

I don’t do that stuff sorry I would have to out source it i am working my way toward a better shop with more stuff just tough to get going every one wants a 10000 dollar motor for 2500

I charge 400 for assembly. 300 to bore and hot tank a block 100 to plane a set of heads I have to out source some things intill I can get a bigger shop and more equipment

Your awesome

Will you put my engine together ?

I’ll give you 100 bucks… K

Yeah, I do I need it line honed decked bored and honed. I want deck ht @ 9.0125 bored to 4.0345 and clearances for a 3.850 crank. I have a new set of Rods that are only 6.125. Pistons are flat tops I’d also like you to mill the heads to 19.9* and cut the seats to 2.06/1.65 if you could give me a price that would be nice. I might need guides too bronze is better for my engine. Right? What do you do with the seats hardened ad mine are. Fine to just recut I need your opinion cause your obviously the engine builder on here. Oh and
There the older Bowtie series II HEADS which are old. I’ll give you cash if that’s ok. What is this going to cost me? Could you figure out a roller cam for me too I’d like to have about 280* with the flattop but don’t to exceed 670 lift with 1.7 rockers. Thanks Mr Engine guy.! Call me for my quote at 386-837-8048. Thanks

Like I said above there are thing I can’t do cause I’m just starting out

ford 2300 motor

Ok how much to build it from the get go.

For a mini stock or mini mod

Mini mods 3500 to 4000

Ttt… . …