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First off I am not running the series as director, I and Carl worked hard to clean up stuff from the past and clear grey areas and still have input in the series and will fill in for a few races. While Dana is right there will be a need for these clips. you have to implement it properly. Changing rules without proper research is a a big reason why the trucks and other divisions are in the mess that many are. I was approached about the clips by Bobby Owens, I go the information from the guy from one supplier in NC, and have been looking into it and now, will have others looking into it as well. I told him that it would not be in the 2013 rules, but we could look at it and possibly put it in there for 2014, but only if the research is complete, proper procedures are in place and the ones that make them furnish a jig or tech tool to check easily and we can verify them. I have tried hard to look into all the rules with Carl and we try to thing of all the ways this change will effect and how it can be checked and if it is neccesary. If you watch Nascar, while I do not agree with all they do, they usually put much research into something before they change it, that is the right way to do it. If people do not undderstand that, I am sorry but if we just start allowing things with out doing it properly it will take the series, division backwards. Thanks

Rick, you have to pick a builder (I would suggest florida not NC) to build the first one, and make tech tools to varify the upper and lower a-arm locations. Any other builder that wants to build one will have to fit the new tech tools. Then anyone that builds one would have to carry 25 to 50 pounds of there total weight in front of the flywheel, until most of the stock clip cars are gone. All of that is pretty simple, and should not take years of research, this has been done with lots of classes, due to the lack stock cars left in the bone yards. Where it gets tricky is how much better is the tube clip gonna be, it should have a lower center of gravity, and most likley will be able to travel futher than a stock clip, therefore the total weight might go up 25-50lbs until you weed out all the stock frames over a 3-4 year period. You make this all sound a lot harder then it is!!! It has to be done, where would late model racing be today if they all had to be stock camero front clips. When you do change this rule, I see more people becoming intrested in building trucks.

we here at amf chassis are in the process of building a two by four replacement clip with a full chassis to come later, in the meantime if someone needs stock chassis we have them

thank you amf chassis
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agree or not, (I do, but that doesn’t matter) it is breath of fresh air to see someone trying to get it right and not just up and change the rules a month before racing season or worse yet in the middle of the season. Good job Rick for the attempt to get it right.

Thanks Big Buck

I know some do not understand, just trying to make sure it is done right, they make it sound so simple, but there is always effects of big rule changes and it has to be checked and procedures done to make it right work, when you change it. I have said we will look into it and try to make it possible for 2014, but we will not change it right now and will not change in middle of the season.
Some do not understand how much I care for racing specially the trucks and we worked hard to try to built it back and just want to make sure we do this right. It is that simple. Thanks