Is OSW racing this year?

It’s almost March and there is still no schedule posted for OSW. Is there going to be racing the this year or did the new owner shut the doors? Just wondering.

I guess NSS hasn’t yet ether they just care about speed weeks go dirt lol

NSS has posted some of there schedule up now .


Is osw going to open are we going to nss it looks like all he cares about is the drag strip. James

The drag strip was running this weekend.

Heard from a very reliable source that work is going on at the track to spruce up and fix a lot of things… Race night will be Fridays with special events on Saturdays and a few Sundays… I think they may have an open practice either this week or next…

Crash A Rama Series

Crash a Rama series will be run May 4th at Orlando speedworld go to CRASH A RAMA series for more info also Nov 29th at Orlando speedworld. :slight_smile:

Practice Wednesday night come out check some of the up grades

Saw some pics of concrete being poured on the track entrance ramp, and I heard that section was being re-designed from what it used to be.

There is definitely upgrades going on.

Glad to hear there’s going to be an open practice but practice for what? Nobody seems to know when the season is going to start. This could be a practice for the 4th of July weekend for all anybody knows! I also heard that there had only been a handful of drivers that had purchased their NASCAR licence. Isn’t that a requirement this season? All I’m saying is that things don’t seem to be progressing as fast as everyone thought they would with this new owner and sanctioning body.

i haven’t heard anyone mention tires. can nascar make them switch to goodyear again?

Starting very soon, Goodyear is no longer going to supply tires to short tracks…

I’m sure the track will open in march they are just trying to get some up grades done thanks for your patience I’m glad it’s staying open and that walmart didn’t buy it come show your support Wednesday for practice

well you would think they could go on osw website and let people know whats going on . nothing posted there since the meeting . maybe they should post that they are doing some upgrades etc. and far as crasharama goes I am not a fan of it. every time they have it you go out there to race only to see how much more they have tore the track up. last time I was out there the turn 3 fence was laying on the track they said it got tore down last crasharma . we will see what happens with the new owners I hope he can turn it around .

The wind blew it down. :slight_smile: Didn’t Nerone put that goat fence up years ago ? I saw some new fencing on the spectator side last time we were there that looked like the snow fence from Lakeland. :slight_smile:

Yea I think the fence was from lakeland. well at least we have a option to race at NSS dont have to change much on set up to go there.

hay with all the people on here that can run and own a race track we should have at least 1000 track just here in Orlando …Oh hold on we don’t that is because you cant or wont so let the man get it done and stop making pop shots at him and and just watt and see how it goes …and we are racing it was put out on Wend that we will start on the 8th of March

Where is that posted Robert I cant find any place that it says start date is march 8 and I wasnt there wednesday. I heard there was about 25 cars there wednesday your the only one thats told us march 8 don’t you think they should post that? who making pop shots I would hope we get more then a couple days notice before they open.

Probably unlikely won’t be the 8th. NASCAR won’t let them until all the safety upgrades are complete. Heard one of them is an upgrade to the track safety lighting system (the red, yellow and green track lites).

SPELL CHECK people! Don’t show the world your ignorance. As far as OSW goes, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m sick of the he said, she said bs. Bottom line is, the new owner should be, at the very least, keeping his racers in the know. But with nothing posted on the website or here on karnac, directly from him, it doesn’t seem like he is in a hurry to do anything. Just my observations.