Mini sprints

I was just wondering if any mini sprints would like to race asphalt. Just trying to get feedback on this.

On a smaller track, maybe wingless I’d give it a try. I know a few others have talked about it in the past as well.

Mini Sprints

mini sprints the 600s with wings on 1/4 mile track. no traveling series.
Might be interesting.


I was think showtime are arburndale if I can get enough guys to say yes I will contact one of those tracks to try and get a race

Showtime would be easy for me, since my shop is less than a mile from there. Couple things come to my mind: Every car in the state is a dirt car. You’re going to need to run a configuration that is able to be adapted from that without major changes. Lowering ride height and swapping springs is quick and cheap, but I don’t think a lot of people are going to be willing to buy new axles, shock towers, etc right off the bat. And mini sprints have weak brakes. Bad weak brakes. I think running wingless might keep the speeds down a bit otherwise you’ll be changing pads every week.
Like I said I’m only a few minutes from Showtime. Maybe you could see if a couple cars could get together and come out on their practice nights and give it a try?

Micro sprints

The micro sprint went to showtime with the wing. The only thing they changed was rides. They even used dirt tires. I don’t want anyone to spend tons of money for something like this I was just see if people would do it.

True, but a 750cc mini sprint is going to be going into the turn way faster than the 250cc micros and we weigh a couple hundred pounds more. But I’m totally for giving it a try since it looks like the dirt mini series is only coming down this way a couple times this year

Dirt minis

Since they don’t race close to Tampa but twice a year I don’t want to get one by if I can get some to race asphalt I will look more in to getting one. My team already have an asphalt car so I don’t want to travel far to race them

Why not just buy a TQ midget and run on the asphalt in a club that is already built and has races. There are cars for sale , go to in the classifieds page. Will be posting another great, fast car( located in Fl.) soon.

Or just let the Mini Sprints run with the TQ’s.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE!!! If a checkered flag is involved…racers will spend it.

I think he means relatively speaking. I’d want one if they raced asphalt!