Tony is a class act

I read that Tony Stewart went to the hospital to visit the 7 people still in there after the wreck at the speedway on Saturday. No big photo op, just went to see how they were doing.

He’s my #1

Tony donates millions to different causes. He has an awesome good heart.
I bet those people were shocked to see him there. I’m betting other drivers did the same. They were all affected by what happened. They know who pays their bills so to speak.

He was also outstanding in his comments from Victory Lane on Saturday. There was absolutely no joy in his demeanor, appearance, or his words. Nothing mattered, including winning, at that moment to him, other than the concern for other racers and fans in the stands. He was visibly shaken by the whole thing. He basically said something to the effect of “someday this win will mean something, but right now it doesn’t”.

Very classy… not showing any sign of happiness in a moment that had nothing to be happy about.

Tony is a class act

I was a guest of Mobil 1 in the hospitality suite on Both days during the 500 weekend. Tony came in to speak to us about his strategy for the 500. When he arrived he received a standing ovation. Prior to his arrival, his public relations representative spoke to the members of the group and asked that we do not dwell on the saturdays accident as Tony was emotionally touched by Saturdays events and that we should focus on his task at hand Sunday in the 500. Once he began to speak, he was fantastic , humorous, and took way over his time limit answering all kinds of racing questions. He even took time to speak to one of the young teenage drivers in attendance and described being an owner and dealing with the complexities of a “woman” driver. A few of us were able to speak to him personally and the truth is the guy is truly a great ambassador of the sport and yes a “class act”. He had to get to the drivers meeting or he would have hung out with us longer and enjoyed the luncheon.

David Reutimann with his crew made a visit as well. It was visible in the victory lane interview that Tony was genuinely upset.

Tony and his whole team are number one in my opinion. Need more like him in this sport.