Great pay outs

check out the new purse. for north florida its
great. Opening this week.
I might just go. Herd that Dimond Jim Hickinwhatever will be there…


Was this on a web site I don’t do facebook?

North Florida and Ellisville are 2 separate tracks. Jim should be at Ellisville (asphalt), not N. Florida (dirt).

yea Ellisville speedway looks pretty good considering what the payouts been at the other tracks . the strickley stock is paying what they the super stocks pay to win . I would think that should draw some cars.

Found this someware … I though it was great and they could use some help telling the racers about it.
Yhe Fords were alwase good to me when i was there and hope they do well.


if anybody wants to look at the payouts it under the event section under Opening Night at Ellisville Speedway you have to open the link at the bottom.

Got my motor back from the dyno today. Survived 3 hard pulls and if I can get the time to put it all together tomorrow I’ll be at Ellisville Saturday night.
We really hope the Fords have a good start to a great season up there. They are running the regular MODs, not e-MOD… :huepfen024:

Payouts for Ellisville Speedway…


Where did you fine this

76, 3 pulls? That is just a warm up. Try 15 to 20 pulls if not more!!!

That’s all we had time for on Thursday. Got home at 7pm and started the next morning(today) and finished it at dark today for racing tomorrow.

That information can be found on the Ellisville Speedway web site at along with the rules and the schedule. They have changed most of the rules to match what other asphalt tracks are running.

This place needs some change. I hope the purse will bring some of the dirt track cars back to the real track.
My 15 cents worth…LOL

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;122098]This place needs some change. I hope the purse will bring some of the dirt track cars back to the real track.
My 15 cents worth…LOL

Sorry but dirt trumps pavement in N Fla. and S Ga. Just look at the car counts at N. Florida Speedway.

Don or Jim…

which is the track with the concrete stands? wen there and loved it but i think the name was changed? havent heard of Ellisville. its pretty far from here so i havent been in touch.


Ellisville was Columbia Motorsports Park the last few years under FASCAR I think it close for a time and a name changre or two since then. I was there once and it had concrete seats built down to the track which was lower than where you enter the stands. Like maybe it was a gravel pit or something at one time ?? I was by NFS once when Ellisville rained out but they only raced every other weekend and of course they were off that night. But it looked like all wooden stands.