NASCAR, and bad PR--

Taken in part by Orlano Sentinal columnist Scott Maxwell, he writes;

Last week, I noted that the state spent $175,000 in public money to sponsor a NASCAR car to promote road safety…in a sport dominated by high-speed cars, wrecks, and aggressive drivers.

As you know, Saturdays race featured a serious wreck that injured dozons of spectators. And the Florida Dept. of Transportation’s “Arrive Alive” car didn’t arive at the finish line at all, in Sunday’s Daytona 500. Driver Joe Nemechek finished last.

Florida’s next great PR idea: Promoting its anti-drug campaign with “Just say no” rolling papers.

Nemecheck is a Start and Park car anymore. Had a lot of respect for him at one time. At least I had enough sense to get out from behind the wheel and put somebody in it that could take it to the front.