Tire soak

I am looking for some good tire soak. Needs to pass tech but help me qualify good. Need to poke 48 on the duromerter sometimes. It is for one on my friends that race. Can anyone give me some good brands to buy, and where to get it…thanks joe…

It’s for one of my friends . That’s funny. Try Hot Lap, Racecar Engineering use to sell it

Thanks Elmer, but I will let the cat out of the bag, I herd there is a new soak out, where when the tech guy sees or smells it, he gets instant amnesia? Do u know where to get that one?

Yeah, I used to have some of that

It came in denominations of 50 and 100…:aetsch013:

Lol, now that is funny.

Get the green pill it makes it soft and the blue pill makes it so hard u wont want to race…LOL



Tell your friend that my friend said “track claw”, “formula v tire treatment”, and “pitstop II” are all “supposed” to be “undetectable.” Especially the formula v stuff. It doesnt require wrapping and all of the other stuff. This is just what I have been told.

Give Toxic Tire Treatments a call (321) 200-6382