raceing tire & rims for sale

have 1 dirt tire $35.00 & have 235/70/15 3 on rim with 4 inch back spas $300.00 .o.b.o and 3 on rim with 1 &2 inch back spas $125.00 and have 2 spotsrman or late modle tire $5[ the pare [IMG]:slight_smile: /IMG]:slight_smile:

raceing tire

the to late modle tire r $50.00 for the par can be seen on ocala graig lisr

what brand raials are they



ok this what i have
3 uniroyal 2 r tager paw is a laredo
1 is a general altimax rt
1 is a summit trail climer
1 sigma supream tr

and im flexabl on the price:)

racing tire

ttttttttttt open for offer:sport009:

you interested in any trades?

Any trading? Have little bit of stuff I’m getting rid of

tire & rim

yes i may be in for trading give me a call and lete me no what you got call me at 352-613-5457 ask for eddie :sport009:

tire & rim

found out the rims r 4 on 5 and 3/8 and john give me a call yes i may traed:sport009:

I’m interested in the tires but can’t use the wheels. I have some randome stuff laying around. 624 heads ready to bolt on a thunder and some virgin 882s, what kind of things do you need

tire and rim

hey john give me a call so we can talk about it 352-613-5457

tire and rims

deal pennding:)

tire and rims

deal fell thu open for offer or trade and new number if i don’t ander ill ill call you rite back number is 352-464-2880:sport009: