mod mini/mini stock parts

Have some dodge and Ford mini stock parts

  1. Set of silver racing wheels, not bent or beat up, look great, 13" two of them are 2" offset and two are 4" offset. Dodge 4 lug.
  2. Ford 2.3 rear sump oil pan
  3. Stock 2.3 distributor
  4. Dodge charger tail piece (rear bumber) with spoiler
  5. Misc springs
  6. Dodge daytona brake parts: pads, calipers, spindles, rotors

Have more stuff too…just ask I may have it.

any 2300 headers?

I did. Sold it last week. I’m pretty sure my buddy still has a hooker header. I’ll check with him and let you know

10-4 thanks

Do you have any dodge daytona stuff left? I’m looking for 5 lug wheels, trannys, header anything for racing really. Thanks