Cracker 200

Any idea who has commited to run this weekend?

Just got back into the office. Will be working on that over the next to days and be updating the Website, Twitter and Facebook

cracker 200

Will the cracker 200 be broadcast on ?

Yes. They will have Trackside Now coverage throughout Saturday.

Here are just a couple I’ve got today…

#5 Joe Boyd
#5 Daniel Keene Jr (Brand New GARC Car - First Race)
#9 Rich Clouser
#11 David Rogers
#57 (or 64) Joe Winchell
#112 Augie Grill

Will try to update more as I get them.

e mod

What is the Pay out to win I Heard $600 OR $1000 Which is it > James

James - The E-Modified 50 will pay $1,000.00 to Win.