Osw News??

This would be a good time to try to inform some of ur fans ans competers on WHATS UP.
Try to tell them who ur TEAM of officals will be so they can get some of the info they need to suport ur track.
Talk is cheap… The cheapest promosion there is…U cant beat word of mouth so get with it.
A old promoter told me once that there were 3 kinds of press ? who knows what they are.
You dont want the last one HA HA!!

Good luck with the old girl
May the games began


The last practice nite they got rained out and didn’t even bother post that it had got rained out. Barb ALWAYS had it posted. Wonder how many showed up to find the gate locked. Not commuciating with the racers about anything is not promising.

Crash A Rama Series May 4th 7:30 Orlando Speedworld

Don, Wess the person that runs the mud track next to speedworld is also running the race track. That’s all i got hope it helps.


a schedule is desperately needed, even if only for the first two months. For most teams the decision to race or not is decided based on many concerns, and time is needed to decide on a schedule for a car & prepare. OSW many desire to support you, let us know your schedule so we may… people will make other plans by default if no schedule is posted…

Completely agree. April 1st. One race scheduled less than a week away and still no other schedule posted.

They need to get going. Rain every afternoon is not far away.

i was there last week for practice night.and btw there is practice this wed. night as well.track was looking good, place was cleaned up well. i saw wes talking to the drivers to get there ideas and opinions on some things.from what i hear all this kinda fell in wes lap last minute so he is working hard to get things done and find good staff.

Moe u still dooing Crash a Bama there ??