Osw Schedule & News

April 5th pro late ,e mods,super stock,sportsman,strictly stock,legends,& bondolero
April 12th super late bright house 100,pro trucks,super stock,mini stock,strictly stock& bandolero
April 19th pro late,modified,sportsman,super stock,strictly stock & bandolero
April26th super late,e mod,mini stock,pro trucks,super stock,strictly stock & bandolero
May 4th
Crash a rama
May 10th super late,e mod,pro truck,super stock,strictly stock& bandolero
May 17 pro late,mini stock,sportsman,modified,super stock, strictly stock,legends & bandolero
May 24th super late,e mod,pro truck 50,super stock,strictly stock
May 31st pro late,sportsman,modified,mini stock,super stock,strictly stock & bandolero
June 7th super late bright house 100,e mods,trucks,super stocks,strictly stocks
June 14th pro late,modified 50,sportsman,super stock,strictly stock & bandolero
June 21st super late,mini stock,pro truck,super stock ,strictly stock & legends
June 28th e mod,sportsman,super stock50, strictly stock30, & bandolero
Will post more of the schedule
News practice wednesday racing Friday will have fuel & tires Thursday
Osw will have some new faces and a few old faces
Flagging Chris Stanton,back flagman Timmy Walters ,tech Jason Boyd ,pit Stewart Donnie Lewis and more starting April 5th the drivers spouse will get in for $12 for more info please call WES @ 407-568-1367

how come no Emod 50 lap races?

Nice gesture,ALL TRACKS should do this!