stuff for sale

Four wide 5 hubs $150 lower control arms 3 @$10 each for camaro, spindle for camaro $10, rotor for camaro 5 on 4 3/4 big studs $10, quick steer afco don’t know ratio $20, 32 gallon fuel cell with foam and fittings $150 jazz cell, gearbox and linkage z box $100 more to come thanks for looking send me phone # and I’ll send pics.

Nobody needs any parts damn giving this stuff away come get it thanks

The steering box, can you turn it and tell me how many turns from lock to lock?
Also is it for a camaro as well?

Yes for camaro and I’ll see how many turns linkage is for camaro also

Wellborn Florida between lake city and live oak

Lower a frames spindle and rotor sold thanks

3 1/2 turns lock to lock

Stuff still for sale come get it

Still for sale come get it

Will trade for some 8" 5x5 rims no 2" just 3"&4" thanks

Come get it still for sale or may put it in with a deal with the sportsman