NSS Results 4/6 - Website Issues

I am experiencing technical issues with the NSS Website so I am posting Official Results from 4/6/13 here until the issue is resolved… I do not have all of my notes and statistics for last night in front of me so I will report on what I can for now here… My apologies.

Super Late Models - 35 Laps

Anthony Sergi led the opening 34 laps, virtually running away with the race over the opening 20, but Clouser ran him down after being as much as 8 car-lengths behind. The race w-flag with no Caution. Clouser caught Sergi with 6 to go. The raced side-by-side for a couple laps before Clouser took the lead for good at the White Flag and brought home the win. Ws definitely a fan favorite race, with fans on their feet over the last half-dozen laps despite it being just a two car race up front, it was an excellent race.

  1. 9 Rich Closuer
  2. 20 Anthony Sergi
  3. 59 Dustin Dunn
  4. 39 Morgan Hoover
  5. 34 Shaughn McCormick
    DNS 63 Austin Pickens

Lap Leaders:
1-34 Sergi
34-35 Clouser


E-Modifieds - 25 Laps

Earl Beckner jumped out to the early lead. Last weeks winner Jarrett Korpi ran him down on lap 17 and they got together in turn one after Korpi drove into turn one very hard and got sideways washing up into Beckner. Both cars spun, “I didn’t mean to get into him in turn one, I hope he’s not mad.” said Korpi in Victory Lane, “I just got really loose and slid up the track.”

The lead was handed over to Chris Brannon at that point. Brannon led just one lap before Beckner got back out front. Beckner led for another 3 laps before Kopri got by without contact on lap 21 and went on to win.

  1. 112 Jarrett Korpi
  2. 11 Earl Beckner
  3. 59 Chris Brannon
  4. 23 Mike Pletka
  5. 27 Michael Soukup
  6. 21 Mike Dahm

Lap Leaders:
1-17 Beckner
18 Brannon
19-21 Beckner
22-25 Korpi

L17 - 11 Beckner / 112 Korpi

Pro-Trucks - 25 Laps

Despite being the second two-car race up front of the night, Scott Reeves had to drive his heart out for all twenty five laps to hold off Tyler Audie, who was making his first ever Pro-Truck start. “I can’t remember the last time I had to drive all 25 laps that hard” said Reeves. “He would’ve caught me but it would have been hard to get by me!” Reeves answered when asked if he could hold him off if there were another 10-15 laps or so.

“I would’ve got past him for sure if we ad more laps.” said Audie, “I WOULD have won this race.”

  1. 21 Scott Reeves (2nd Win in a row)
  2. 63 Tyler Audie
  3. 44b Matthew Green
  4. 32 Bill Stacy RN

Lap Leaders:
1-25 Reeves


Super Stocks - 25 Laps

(No report available at this time for this feature)

  1. 20 Justin Reynolds
  2. 95 Garrett Hill
  3. 23 Shannon Kelly
  4. 60 Gino Tumminello
  5. 37 Charles King
  6. 72 Dale Sorensen
  7. 21 Mike Dahm
  8. 22 Bruce McGonigal

Mini-Stocks - 25 Laps

(No report available for this race at this time)

  1. 31 David Russell
  2. 30 Reid Christensen
  3. 32 Jesse Powers
  4. 8 Jamie Dixson
  5. 5 Levi Hammond
  6. 0 Jason Reynolds
  7. 14 Brad Blanton
  8. 6 Mark Broat
    DNS 09 Todd Haught

Strictly Stocks - 20 Laps

(No report available at this time.)

  1. 22 Shyanne Mathers (2nd win in a row)
  2. 88 Mark Shukwit
  3. 10 Jonathan Murphy
  4. 81 Jimmy Barron
  5. 3 Dustin Higdon
  6. 66 Rick Gaither
  7. 8 Neil Kirby

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