Lovin' me some Showtime

Despite a cup race on TV, and a bad forecast all week, Showtime Speedway had another outstanding crowd last night. How? By presenting an interesting and varied show: sprints, a figure “8” 50 lapper, Outlaw Modifieds, Mod minis, mini “8’s” and mini stocks.

The perfect weather had to help. After hearing “60% chance of rain” all week, almost all of the seats still had a fan stuck in it, and the back straight was packed pretty tight too.

I hope they enjoyed the sprint car race. I know the dash was crazy, and that the feature winner started back in 17’th.

The only race we had time to watch all night was the last one: a pro figure “8” 50. Now that was something else, and I bet everyone really liked it. There was lots of traffic and no shortage of maniacs to pull off the near misses lap after lap. Very entertaining!

The only problem? The show was 5 hours long. There were too many heats in too many classes IMHO.

For me, the trip is 130 miles each way, but my team always looks forward to the Showtime weekends.

Thanks Boneman for the rundown. I want to get back over there, but it’s a long way to drive…

What time did the sprints start their feature?
I was there with my wife and couple friends, we had to leave at 10. My friends said if the sprints didn’t come out at 10, we had to leave. They all wanted to see the sprints. They didn’t start the racing till 8 o clock, what happened to 7 o clock start time.

The sprint race finished about 11, too many mini stock heats, I left after the sprints,:(:frowning:

[QUOTE=VeaseyRacing;124876]Thanks Boneman for the rundown. I want to get back over there, but it’s a long way to drive…[/QUOTE]How far is Sebring from St. Pete? Hour and a half? Up 27 to SR 60, then across, or, SR 62 from Avon Park over to I-75/275 and up? I’m just curious. Looks like it’s about a two-hour ride on Google Maps.

We hauled to Tampa, St. Pete, Bradenton, and Inverness all the way from Vero Beach every week…and back…

From Sebring

I live about 25 minutes east of Sebring, and I take SR. 62 over to 301. Hop on Moccasin Wallow Rd. and hit 275 north to Ulmerton. Takes me a little over an hour, and eliminates all the Sr. 60 traffic. If i lived in sebring thats the way I would go.


Bob Krupa I shot video at showtime last night. If ya’d like to see the sprints I can hook you up! 941-737-5857 Thanks Bob…

No, Thanks anyway

Was there last night, and while the racing was good. On the fan side, the concessions suck ! The only thing good was the BBQ sandwich at the beer vendor. The other and only concession stands for fans is a trailer that has unorganized idiots serving crappy over priced food. (Small soda $2, Large soda $4, Cheeseburger $4.50) They dont have cups with lids, or even straws, so your drinks are usually full or dirt and rubber within a few minutes and my little nephews have hard time drinking from a cup without spilling it. Jotos pizza used to be there, but not anymore. If he is wondering why attendance is lower than usual, he should look at his concessions and their prices or allow us to bring our own food and drinks.

Yea, it was around 2 hours… I may go up when they sprints again. But, I may be bad luck for Boneman. Everytime I go, something always happens so he can’t finish a race…

Now that’s commitment!!

so he can’t finish a race…

I’ve finished all 5 features I’ve started there, although I was involved in a caution last night. I ended up 9’th.

How can anyone get from 25 miles east of Sebring to St. Petersburg in a little over an hour?


I am about 3 miles from SR. 62, and it is quick from there. It takes me about 1hr 15-20 mins if there are no traffic problems. Actually I am 25 mins East of Avon Park sorry about that.