Brad May

So what is the story behind him in the Rogers Late Model? Hoping it is not a thing where Rogers is starting to give up the reigns. Though I do like Brad and would root for him as well.

Brad is actually driving Dana Ebersoles car…who builds Davids cars…not sure of all the particulars but David isn’t going anywhere I am sure

joe yarbourough sold his car and still had a motor Dana had car no motor so they figured put the two together and put one of the best limited drivers in the state in it. looks to be working out ok

So other than the appearance it really isn’t Rogers stuff? Thanks for the info.

it was the very first car “prototype” my brother built David raced it for a while untill Dana got his car done. it is still kept and worked on at Davids shop

Cool, thanks for the info. I am 41 and have been rooting for David since I was 11 or so. First time I recalled anyone else being in “his” car made me nervous he was getting out of it.