Fups At Auburndale

Anyone have results??

Just Posted

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Thank you

But the mod results are cut short?

Not Sure…

Looked strange to me too, but I posted what they sent me.

OWM Top Five

  1. McLeod
  2. Roland
  3. Grimm
  4. Jefferson
  5. Todd

Dam Lg

The Top five looked pretty stout, Good job on 3rd LG

Thanks Tony

Thanks Tony

Open Wheel Modified finishing order

Here’s the complete Open Wheel Modified finishing order, sorry I did not have the sheet when I posted the other results yesterday
1-#21 Devin McLeod
2-#10 Travis Roland
3-#25 L J Grimm
4-#61 Wayne Jefferson
5-#22 Josh Todd
6-#00 Shawn Harper
7-#1 Roger Blevins
8-#17 Rick Coffin
9-#11 Charlie Brown
10-#11a Doc McKinney
11-#72 Norman Dismuke