Eagle Jet/Top Gun Sprints Race Report

Eagle Jet / Top Gun Sprints
Hendry County Motorsports Park, April 13, 2013

DMI Heat #1

  1. 02 Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL)
  2. 52 Shane Kreidler (Jupiter, FL)
  3. 82 Danny Martin (Sarasota, FL)
  4. 0 Jimmy Ballew Jr. (Riverview, FL.)
  5. 1 Tim George (Venice, FL)
  6. 3T Johnny Alexander (Tampa, FL)
  7. 15JR Geoff Styner (Cape Coral, FL)


  1. 3A AJ Maddox (Brandon, FL)
  2. 38 Tony Agin (Ft. Myers, FL.)
  3. 6 Mike Schroeder (South West Ranches, FL)
  4. 8 Rich Alexander ( Tampa, FL)
  5. 01 Rebecca George (Venice, FL)
  6. 4P Kyle Pitts (Mulberry, FL.) DNS


  1. 52 Shane Kreidler; 2) 02 Gene Lasker; 3) 82 Danny Martin; 4) 1 Tim George; 5) 6 Mike Schroeder; 6) 0 Jimmy Ballew Jr.; 7) 38 Tony Agin; 8) 01 Rebecca George; 9) 15JR Groff Styner; 10) 8 Rich Alexander; 11) 3T Johnny Alexander; 12) 3A AJ Maddox; 13) 4P Kyle Pitts; DNS


The Eagle Jet/Top Gun Sprints made their second visit of 2013 to the Hendry County Motorsports Park in Clewiston on Saturday April 13, 2013. There were 13 cars at the track to give fans two heat races, and a 25 lap feature race. Along with the extra $100 in tow money, Gene Marderness one of Florida?s greatest sprint car photographers paid the top 3 in heat races.

The heat races are lined up using a pill pull system, and Jimmy Ballew Jr. in the 0 had the pole for the start of the DMI heat race with Gene Lasker in the 02 on the outside, Jimmy took the race lead, till he went high in turn 4 then it was Gene took the lead and the win. AJ Maddox had the pole for the start of the LUCAS OIL heat race in the 3A car with Mike Schroeder in the 6 on the outside, AJ took the initial race lead and went on to take the heat win.

Using a passing points system to line up the feature race and a two car inversion, Danny Martin in the 82 car had the pole for the start of the ROD END SUPPLY feature race, with Shane Kreidler in the 52 car on the outside. The race got underway and Lap 3 seen first caution with Jimmy Ballew spun in turn two. On the restart Danny still in the lead with Shane closing in, they work through traffic Danny goes high in 4 and Shane on the bottom Shane takes the lead and the win. Gene Lasker in the 02 finished in second place, followed by Danny Martin in the 82, Tim George in the 1, with Mike Schroeder in the 6 car finishing out the top 5. The KSE Hard Charger Award went to Gene Lasker in the 02 car.

The Top Gun Sprints will be at Volusia Speedway Park May 4, 2013 Hope to see everyone there as it will our first visit back since September 2010.