Bad crash at Full Throttle

Midget driver Geoff Styner appeared to break something going into three at full speed. The car dipped then rolled on it’s side and slid roll cage first into the wall. I was sitting in the turn four grandstands, it was the worst crash I have ever witnessed in my many years at the track. He was bayflighted out everyone needs to keep Geoff in their thoughts and prayers…

Thoughts and well wishes for him.

Geoff Styner

I talk to Geoff wife he is ok and will be laid up for some time so please pray for Geoff and his wife, i will go up and see him, and i will let you all know how he is doing, please put Geoff in their thoughts and prayers…

p s thank you all for all your prayers.

Glad he’s ok. I’ve driven a TQ at Desoto and it is the fastest thing I’ve been in, the corner speed is tremendous.


Thoughts and prayers out to Geoff and his family and friends…

My thoughts toward him.

I have a question on the race car. The cage sizes looks smaller then a regular sprint car, or is it the same?

Praying for his full recovery.

A TQ chassis and cage is much smaller than a sprint. Its tough to tell from that picture just how mangled that car is, I was shocked to see it. As bad as it is to have an injured driver, this could have been much worse.

Geoff was having a great night too. He was doing “double duty” in a sprint and in this car. Things can change in the blink of an eye…

Hans? Containment seat?

Thanks for the update black flag bud please keep us updated, and if he needs anything at all let us no. And as far as the safety gear he had it all, it was prob one of the hardest hits i’ve seen in a long time, it appeared that something broke on the car, those cars where flying around that place.GET WELL SOON BUD

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Geoff and his wife a few times. Such great people, with a life-long passion for open wheel racing. Hoping and praying for a full and speedy recovery for him.

By any chance was this TQ the antique one with the bolt-on cage? I know he’s driven it in the past, and I was nervous about the possibilities of what could happen to that car in a bad crash.

we were at showtime last night

And yoho informed the crowd about the incidents in bradenton last night.I was just curious is there a squad and trained emt’s on site there?


Thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

I saw a video on youtube a while back where they were crash testing a sprint car and in a top impact, the cage collapsed on the driver’s head. looked much like this car. Unfortunately I don’t think its would matter much what head restraint or seat were in this car. Its a risk we all take in racing.

I hope he’s OK. That was a terrible impact.

All race tracks need to have a paramedic and a ambulance on site. Even if the tracks need to charge more at the pit gate, to cover some of the cost. Does anyone know what the cost would be, per hour, or per night?

If you go to the TBARA website and hit the facebook link there is a statement from the club on his condition.

Update on Geoff Styner :
Geoff is still in ICU at Blake Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, FL. He has a shattered vertebrae in his neck, a cracked sternum, and multiple punctures in his lungs. His nuerosurgeon has scheduled surgery for Monday morning. Geoff will remain in a halo for nearly 4 months following the surgery. Thus putting Geoff out of work and without income. We are trying to raise funds to help Geoff and his wife out in this very difficult time. Any ideas and/or contributions would be greatly appreciated. If it were anyone else in this situation, I know that Geoff would be the first in line to help. Let’s rally for him as part of our racing family.
Official TBARA Facebook

Update on Drag Racer injured last night: He has a fractured vertebra and fractured nose, he had some cuts that required stitches, his lungs are bruised from the impct along with bruises all over… He is in ICU and in stable condition. Specialist is gonna come tomorrow and see if his back requires surgery…
Latest Update: They just took him off ventilator and let him wake up… He was talking and alert… Still in a lot of pain…

Here are a couple of links with ways you can help Geoff Styner:

From the TBARA Facebook page…
He sat up again by himself and took his first bite of solid food since Friday. He’s in great spirits and can NOT wait to get out of here. They’ve told him that as soon as he can walk on his own, he can go home.