Buzzie Reutimann

Wishing a Happy Birthday to a true racing legend today.

It also reminds me of a great quote I read recently. David Reutimann hosts an annual golf tournament for charity. One of the guests asked David if Buzzie was gonna golf with them. David’s answer was, “naw, Buzzie doesn’t golf… he just stands around being legendary…”

72 years old today. His last Feature win was about a month ago at Bubba Raceway Park, Ocala Fl.

I consider it an honor to help Buzzie on his crew. I cant help but think every time I help him strap in for another race, how many times has he done this in his life,WOW.

A very happy birthday to a legend who has provided me with many memories from 1957 at Eau Gallie speedways 500 lapper to present. I have never seen him commit an act on or off the track that would have even have embarrassed himself or the legendary family name, what a credit to this great sport we all love.

Happy Birthday

To the man I’ve watched race since I was 5 or 6 years old.
And the man who built my very first race car.
Buzzie , are ya tired yet ? :slight_smile:


Buzzie is one of the finest gentlemen in racing. He is funny as hell and an amazing man. Not only that… at 72 he can still race the wheels off a car! Luv ya Buzz and hope you have a very :
[SIZE=“7”]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!![/SIZE] :huepfen024:

Carol Wicks :auto003:


Although my first dirt races were in 1946, I can still remember Buzzie and family when they raced up norf. in the summers, saw them race at Middletown, Nazareth, Flemington, Reading, East Winsor, Syracuse, etal., I can’t believe that Buzzie is 3 yrs. younger than me, oh , well, also I believe that he had the biggest fan club I ever saw at any race track. I wish them all the best…