JGR penalties reduced by appeals panel

Gibbs’ penalties reduced by appeals panel: According to reports from media at the NASCAR Research & Development Center, the National Stock Car Racing Appeals Panel has modified the penalties accessed to Matt Kenseth’s #20 team.

Kenseth’s points penalty has been reduced from 50 to 12.

Joe Gibb’s owner points penalty has been reduced from 50 to 12.

Gibb’s suspension was eliminiated.

The marnufacturer’s point penalty to Toyota has been increased from 5 to 7 points.

Kenseth’s win at Kansas will now count for the Chase.

Crew Chief Jason Ratcliff’s suspension has been reduced from 6 races to 1. His fine remains at $200,000.

The appeal panel consisted of Mark Arute (Stafford Motor Speedway), Denis McGlynn (Dover Raceway) and Jack Housby (former team owner).(5-8-2013)

all nascar wants is the money wow :sport009:

Yeah, I agree this is more reasonable for the type of infraction it was. I think the manufacturer should pay the fines also. Maybe they will.

On the other hand, Penske sure didn’t get any breaks. :slight_smile: