***Florida Pro Truck***

Freds Garage/AMF
Progressive zz4 Crate w/ VDL carb (LEGAL)
MSD dist. & ignition
Iron lung headers w/ full 3in dual exhaust
J.W. Trans. with torque converter
Ford 9 inch with extra gears
New master cylinders, calipers, rotors, and pads(3 races)
New body(3 Races)
Fire supression system
Full guage panel, with tach
Two sway bars
This truck has won numerous races, including 2010 Charity 200 with Mike Smith.

I am the the third owner of this truck and have restored it to how it was when Mike Smith ran it. (Progressive Motor, JW Tranny, NEW BRAKES) The owner that had it between me and the Smiths didn’t keep it up to standards…

$15,000 OBO

Call John

To The Top!!! Truck is one of the nicest trucks around, completely legal and fast! Becareful buying used trucks with illegal parts!


Send pics to 251-391-6733 or cbrownlee43@yahoo.com

Pics sent!!!

Have sent a lot of pics but no serious buyers… Asking $13,800 Now!


I need a roller, we run the 602

I have already given you a roller price $8500! Thanks! Really want to sell complete.

Ttt 13,000 Obo