Best Indy Ever

Holy crap was I impressed with today’s race. Around 70 lead changes, 13 or 14 different leaders, passes for position on EVERY lap that I could tell…

Everything I could have hoped for, other than finishing under yellow.

This was the shot in the arm that this series needed. I just went from ‘barely’ a fan, to someone who will watch (or record) every oval track event they have the rest of the year.

Damn… I’m impressed…!!!

As much as I hate NASCAR green white checker is way better than finishing under yellow.

Maybe, but more than 1 attempt is too many.

I have to agree with Frasson completely. That was a race from green to the final yellow. Not only was there tremendous passing,the number of cars on the lead lap was something to behold, No bogus yellows to keep the field bunched and to add to cars on the lead lap, the cars(drivers) that could contest for the lead was different on each lap. I had no bias as to who won but must admit that Tony and the back story about the medal was as good as it gets without a script writer. Penske certainly justified his faith in Almendinger. As for the final yellow they need some time to acclimate themselves to that concept. If nothing else was demonstrated today it was that 33 cars can run within a tight framework of rules and still put on one hell of a competitive race. I hope the anal Frances were watching.

As much as I’ve always hated races ending under caution, I have a different view when it comes to this:

NASCAR went to the green/white/checkered format, which I love… but how many wrecks happen because of it? A LOT of wrecks.

If you put these Racecars, in that situation, at the end of the biggest win anyone could get… and then, “the Big One” happens.

In Cup racing, those cars would get beat up. At Indy, those drivers could die.

I think it ended just like it should have… by the same rules written in 1911.

I stopped watching indy cars some time ago. I might catch part of the Indy 500 in the past few years but the racing had ceased to excite me. I’d watched portions of some Indy car racing at a few other tracks and I’d noticed the racing seemed more competitive lately but still didn’t watch much. I caught the final 1/3 of yesterday’s race at Indy. I must admit it was some of the best Indy racing I’ve ever seen. The problem I had was not knowing the drivers or cars or sponsor/driver combination. So I couldn’t keep track of who was who. The cars are going so fast and the numbers are so small they were nearly impossible to read, even on my mothers large screen TV. If the Indy 500 is any indication of what the Indy car series is going to be, I’ll be watching it some more. I just have to learn names and sponsor colors. LOL I know Indy is a big tradition but I hate to see any race end under yellow. I don’t know how many Cup races have more than 1 GWC but I know it happens occasionally. I wouldn’t object to just trying to end an Indy race with just 1 GWC attempt but I think it should be tried.

The rules instituted last year have made the Indy Car Series much more competitive even on road courses… This is similar to what was done with Grand Am a few years back and now you find 5-6 cars still on the lead lap at the Rolex 24…
The finish under yellow was a bit disappointing though it was ironic that Franchitti caused the yellow after winning two of his three races under yellow… Had the race finished under green, I think we might have seen a repeat of the Indy Lights finish on Friday…
No problem with Kanaan winning at all… The guy has run so well at Indy and had nothing but terrible luck, so he deserved to get the victory… He’s also one of the greatest personalities in all of motor sports plus he looks a lot like Vin Diesel LOL…
How about this kid Carlos Munoz who finished second… First ever Indy Car race, makes the front row, leads some laps and finishes second… Anybody know what his racing background is?
The broadcast was really not very good… I like Cheever and Goodyear because they are knowledgeable, but they made a few mistakes and it sounded more like a golf tournament than a race…
Overall it was the best race of the day by far… I watched the last few laps of the Monaco GP (in Spanish on Ch. 43 because I don’t have cable and the station carrying the race doesn’t have a good enough signal to reach my house) and it was nothing but a parade… The World 600 was total boredom until later on thanks to the cautions… Harvick pulls off his late-race heroics once again… Wonder where he’ll end up in 2014?

Loved the Indy500 - great action throughout, not a wreckfest but was still very competitive. Was pulling for Kanaan, Allmendinger and anybody not in an Andretti car. One of the few times i really was interested in the driver interview after the race - Tony has been so close so many times and has had so many tough times in indy cars - great to see the true joy of winning a race. Most of the NASCAR wins are such a made for TV production - this guys truly loved this victory. Great stuff!

Dave, I agree completely with your assessment of the Indy race. It was excellent viewing from start to finish.

I don’t really have any favorites to cheer for, or any that I like to boo either. It was good to see TK win for the sentimental angle of it, and because he totally deserved to get one. I’m all about guys who get a second chance, so I was hoping Mr. Allmendiger would get a break. No question about it, AJ was right at home in an Indy car.

Interesting that two women drivers finished on the lead lap, yet I don’t think I hear either of their names all day. Four women drivers started, and non of them messed up in a spectacular way. To the contrary, they all drove very well and got what they wanted: a chance to compete.

If only it could have finished under green…

[QUOTE=ancrdave;127362]How about this kid Carlos Munoz who finished second… First ever Indy Car race, makes the front row, leads some laps and finishes second… Anybody know what his racing background is?[/quote]Came from Indy Lights.

[QUOTE=ancrdave;127362]The World 600 was total boredom until later on thanks to the cautions… Harvick pulls off his late-race heroics once again… Wonder where he’ll end up in 2014?[/QUOTE]Already been announced. Harvick to a FOURTH Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet in 2014. No word yet on if he’s bringing Budweiser with him or if they’re staying with Childress; same with the #29.

Say that I am a traditionalist but, GWC are bad for IndyCar and NASCAR…
It always works both ways, a guy could have a lead that he worked for and a caution could wipe it out and the guy maybe gaining, and maybe faster could win but…that’s the game of life…
In any case they don’t produce a true winner but do cause a wreckfest…seen it on the last lap short tracks as well as the big guys…
I look at it this way…people rave about Munoz running P2…but he was not there all day (but running 5th through 8th) and he probably would have been passed…like Saturday :).
Tony K ran hard all day and didn’t luck into a thing, just like Derrike Cope ran in the top three all day at Daytona…yep he had luck but not really a win he backed into.

Everybody that ran in the top 10 all day that didn’t win…has a story…coulda, woulda, shoulda.

How do you think Richard would have felt with a GWC in 1984 with Cale? Maybe no 200th win???

The thing I liked was the cars behind had the ability to pass the car in front of them. A lost art with NASCAR.until they fix the aero problem we will be left with boring races until the G W C finish.

Be careful the Frances will ban you from websites if you criticize the “product”. For years Indy cars had passing problems but continued to improve the aerodynamics and the results were outstanding this past week. We can only hope NASCAR will continue the same. I hope the drivers are not being stifled in their comments because who better to tell us what is going on at speed.