crate motors

Guys i’m needing info. I currently run a limited latemodel, and run a race 400 sbc. I am looking into the crate motors (602 604). The questions i have are
Do these motors need a special flywheel, headers, waterpump, carb? When purchasing these motors new, these are the idems needed. Will my accessories work on the crate motor? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You definitely need a flywheel. The bolt pattern is different and they are not zero balanced. They are externally balanced to the engine because they went to a 1 piece rear main seal thus eliminating the counter weight made on to the standard crank. I have heard but not seen that the exhaust ports do not align very good with headers not made for a crate engine. They are supposedly covering a little of the port. I know something is different because if you run headers they don’t fit back into the chassis like they did with a regular S.B.C. head. I believe the ports are a little higher (might be lower). Nothing i’ve seen a good size hammer won’t fix! 602 doesn’t come with a intake (603/604 do) so you will need one for a 602 (bolt pattern(12 vs 8 none in the center and the corner ones go straight down like a FOOORRRDDD!!!). Everything else should work. Just watch your carb jetting. Hope this helps.

Headers and flywheel is diffent that is it I got it in my car


602 do come with intakes.

Seen them both ways.

Thanx for the info

A 602 crate comes with an intake, and 2 of the seal bolts are ones that hold the intake on.

Oh well, me bad! but that’s what I saw.