Golden Gate Speedway Reunion!

It’s official there will be a Golden Gate Speedway reunion! :huepfen024:

It will be this year on Sunday, October 13th! At the Big Top Flea Market on Fowler AVE.

Randy Alvarez has more info on his Facebook page.

Here’s the info (from Randy Alvarez):

It’s official. The Golden Gate Speedway Reunion will be held Sunday, October 13th, 2013, at the Big Top Flea Market on Fowler Avenue, site of the hallowed grounds of the former Golden Gate Speedway. We will be open at 8:00 am for setups for tailgate parties, and get-togethers with former friends. Hopefully after mingling, you can support the flea market and buy from their vendors. You may want to grill and cook out, but there are many food court vendors in the market. We hope to support the market, as they are 100% behind us. Get your photo albums together, as well as your lawn chairs and tables, as we want to reunite all of us together for back in the day. At 2:00pm, we want to start introducing everyone that competed there, and health withstanding, Mean Gene Adler of the former Racin’ Roundup TV show will be our host. Carlton Calfee and myself are spearheading this event,and we need your support. Carlton has an e-mail address: Would love to hear how many people will be attending,or contact me on my Facebook page, or Remember, Big Top did NOT shut down the 'Gate, but bought the closed-down property from Frank Dery. They are all ga-ga for this event. Our site will be on the northeast corner, just outside the old pits. Stay in touch,with carlton and myself.

Count me IN… this should be a blast.

If my dad and my brother are readin’ this…ya gotta go :slight_smile:

I’m in…

Jerry, we will hook up and hang out.

Only 20 minutes from my house.

Well…only about 20 minutes when I’m doin’ 95mph on the interstate.

And if there’s no cops.

Otherwise, it’s about 30-35 minutes…

Maybe I’ll shoot down early and catch a Saturday night show somewhere, and a hotel. My birthday is later that week… this might be my present to myself.