Stephen Nasse hospitalized with pneumonia

Just saw this off of Stephen’s FaceBook page:

Stephen was admitted to the hospital this morning with a severe case of pneumonia. Will post updates as I receive them. #PrayforStephen

Stephen is still in the hospital with extreme white blood count numbers. Keeping overnight for more testing and meds. #PrayingforStephen

To Stephen

Will keep you in my prayers. Get well soon and listen to your Dr.s. Pneumonia is nothing but serious… I have had it many times and been hospitalized also. Take good care of yourself so your lungs will work well for you for many years. Miss seeing you around. Hope you will be up and healthy soon. :auto003:
Carol Wicks

Update from FaceBook:

They did not get the tube in after trying twice. This is really bad…We are moving him to a different hospital ASAP! Please everyone seriously.

Keep your fellow racer - especially this youngster - in your thoughts and prayers.

Here is the latest from Stephen’s FB page… He was moved to All Childrens Hospital in St. Pete yesterday…

PR: SN is out of surgery and the Dr said everything went well. He said the infection was really really bad but they got most of it out. He will be in a lot of pain, and they kept a chest tube in. We will have to await the results from the biopsy’s. #PrayforStephen


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully you will be well and home safe and sound. Miss seeing you. Take care and listen to your Dr. :wink: :engel016:
Carol Wicks