Powell Memorial Weather

We continue to closely monitor the weather system moving through Florida. Citrus County Speedway, The FUPS officials, and James Powell have decided that Thursday will be the cutoff day for a go/no go decision.

what ever happened to get the show on .no matter what it takes a little wether and ever one wants to stay inside I MISS WHEN RACING WAS REAL no one evens hangs out after anymore they race and pack it up and go home

Yes, it may effect ALL racing this weekend…
Hey 23ny… welcome to Flori-duh where the weather can change from one hour to the next. It’s not only a car count, but a fan in the stands count that the ‘business’ of running a track is all about.
Just sayin’ here.

So if your a promoter you would not call a race so not only race teams can save money but fans can also…with the price of fuel it cost me $200.00 to go back and forth from Jacksonville to Ocala and I would much rather kept that money in my pocket when there is a large % of a rain out…The track owner says yes we are racing and only gets 1/3rd of the fans there…now he has to eat it cause fans stayed away. There is ALWAYS next week…My buddy EPJ (Earl Pearson Jr.), his son drives my Midget, we was just talking about this today at lunch. He has been to 5 rain outs this year in Ill./Ky./Mo./Pa./Ark. we all wish it could be avoided but unfortunately “THAT’S RACING”.

I don’t know about all you so called racers but I go to the track no mater what I love to race if it rains so what if it does not rain I get to do what I love race if not i go home but what you all have to rember is you have to be there to stay open if not they will not come

Looks like its gonna be gone before this weekend…let’s race!!!