FUPS at Citrus..... DOUBLE FILE.

Just saw posted on Speed 51 that officials have taken a vote, and the DRIVERS voted for double-file restarts…!

Great job to all the racers involved, and series officials who did not stick by their guns on this issue.


The fans will appreciate for sure.[/I][/B]

That’s great… I have enjoyed following the FUPS LM’s… Been to just about all their shows… I have seen them at Aub and Citrus… very good show… looking forward to them at FTS… the “Double File” Restarts is what they make it… they can tear up equipment or not… it’s up to them to use their professionalism or not… and Double File restarts gives them a chance to move up a spot or two…
Sure glad them decided to go with the DF vs Single File… I was afraid the show would suffer and not be as good…
For one, OSF Thanks FUPS LM’s