3 74-81 Camaro read end housings

All housing are 10 bolt 8.5 ring gear housings

#1. This housing was the start of a rear disc brake project. The stock leaf spring pads have been remove, and there are some bolt on caliper brackets that have been installed. The brackets bolt on in place of the original backing plate for the drum brakes with the 4 axle flange bolts. It has a carrier with and unknown gear. The cover has been off for a while and it has sat outside so there is some clean up work to do. $75 obo

#2. Complete stock housing drum to drum with all original mounts and a 2.73 gear. $150 obo

#3. Complete stock housing with all original mounts and axles, but minus the brake drums with an unknown gear. $125

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Taking offers before I scrap them…