NSS Rain Policy

A few weeks back the Officials at NSS reviewed the way the determination to “call” a race was made. Keeping that in mind, and trying to keep everyone’s (fans, drivers and the track itself) best interest in mind, a Rain Policy was posted on the Website and emailed to our competitors.

As we are pretty much in our “rainy season” now, I would just like to remind Drivers and Fans that there is a Policy in place that has been, and will continue to be followed.

The policy is located on the Home Page at www.NewSmyrnaSpeedway.org, below the previos weeks results, right on the home page.

I would say the biggest thing that we would ask Drivers and Fans to do this time of Year is to not “assume” anything. If you have questions or are not sure of what is happening, please Call the Track Office at 386-427-4129.

I am posting the Policy below, in it’s entirety, as it appears on our home page…

“As we enter our ‘Rainy Season’, the Staff & Management of New Smyrna Speedway would like to reach out to our Fans and Competitors and move forward in a more perceptive role. Effective immediately, NSS is committed to following the procedures below in order to provide our Fans and Competitors with the best experience possible:
Once the Pit Gate opens at the published time, New Smyrna Speedway will move forward to get the evenings program completed. If at any time weather becomes a factor, there will be a meeting of Track Officials, Car Owners and Drivers to discuss available options, to race or not to race.
If it appears early in the day that the weather will not allow for that evenings race program to take place, Management will use the following resources to alert everyone of the Speedway’s decisions; Website, Email, Text Messaging (RainedOut.com), Facebook, Twitter, Office Phone Recording. (Please click the ‘RainedOut.com’ link on left to sign up for instant Text Messages from the Speedway Free.)
If there is an opportunity to complete the evenings program, Management will use the above resources to alert everyone of it’s plans to move forward as scheduled.
We would also like to note that in some cases, Feature races may be limited based on an acceptable time to complete the laps scheduled, in order to finish the entire program in a timely manner, if an when weather becomes a factor. We appreciate everyone’s input and cooperation as we move forward into our summer months in a positive direction.”

Thank you!

Just moving this thread up as a ‘reminder’ with this weeks weather pattern and forecast.

Would like to remind Racers and Fans alike that there is a Policy in effect that has and will continue to be followed. Hopefully this will help with any uncertainty heading in to the weekend.

Lastly, once again, we urge everyone to just NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Please call the Track Office if you have questions regarding weather conditions at the Speedway. 386-427-4129.

ALSO, if you have Text Messaging on your phone, please sign up for RainedOut.com on our Website as that is the quickest way to find out any updates on Race Day directly from the Track and it is 100% Free.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night for a fun filled night complete with Racing, Pinewood Derby and Spectator Racing. Racing starts at 7:30pm.