Clyde Hart Memorial - Info/procedures

[SIZE=“3”]15th Annual Clyde Hart Memorial
Bright House Challenge Series
Super Late Models 125 Laps


Pit Gates will open at 3:00pm
Practice will run from 4-5:30
Time Trials for BHCS Super Late Models at 6:00pm
All Cars To Front Stretch/Starting Grid at 45? Angle
Pre-Race Ceremonies / Invocation / National Anthem at 7:10pm
Driver Introductions at 7:20pm
Green Flag at 7:30pm

  • This will be a 4 Tire race. NO TIRE IMPOUND. Cars will however report directly to the Front Stretch and park at a 45? angle following Time Trials.
  • 10 Gallon Fuel Purchase (Present Receipt at Tech) Track Fuel Only.
  • Must Start the race on Tires you Time Trialed on.
  • FLAT TIRES: Only a Tire APPROVED BY AN OFFICIAL may be changed and must be replaced with a USED tire.
  • ALL Caution Laps will count with the exception of the final Ten Laps.
  • Double File Restarts Throughout.


  • [B]SUPER LATE MODELS - CHM - 125 Laps[/B]
  • Brief Intermission - Post Race
  • SPORTSMAN - 25 Laps
  • SUPER STOCKS - 25 Laps
  • E-MODIFIEDS - 25 Laps

If you have any Tech Questions, please contact Ricky Brooks at 850-324-6821
Any other Questions, Concerns, Comments, please call the Track Office, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at 386-427-4129.

We look forward to seeing everyone here for the 15th Annual Clyde Hart Memorial to kick off the July 4th Holiday!

NOTE: We will be CLOSED on Saturday July 6th. Racing will resume on Saturday July 13th with a Super Stocks 50.

So you can soak the dog p*ss out of them!!

It’s been discussed to death before, but you really have to wonder about a track that’s still forcing racers to buy 10 gallons of gas whether they like it or not. Whether they need it or not. And pay whatever the track feels like charging for that gas whether they like it or not.
I’m also curious about the tires. If you have a flat tire during the race, where are you supposed to get a used tire to replace it with? You obviously have 4 used tires on the car from qualifying, maybe you’ve brought 4 new ones as spares. You have a flat tire, where does the used tire come from to replace it?

my used tires for spares would have one lap on them. pretty hard rule to enforce?

No tire impound has nothing to do with if you soak or not. If you think Ricky Brooks does not know how to use a duromator (sp?) you have not been watching and he is not afraid to throw people out for infractions.
I am not a fan of his tech but it is what it is.

When I ran races that required a gas purchase I usually found someone in a lower class that needed gas anyway and I would sell my mandatory 10 gallons to him/her for a reduced price. It wasn’t about the price or buying it cheaper anywhere else, it was about what my engine guy wanted me to run. We had a problem many years ago and he said it was related to the gas. So I started running what he said to eliminate any questions/problems related to the gas.