Racing at Orlando Speedworld Tonight

50-Lap Super Stock - $500 to win
30-Lap Strictly Stock

Also, the guys from Melbourne Motorsports Park are looking to get a 4-cylinder class going at OSW… Same rules as Melbourne… If enough show up tonight, you WILL race… so come out and have some fun…

We will also be giving away a pair of tickets to next Friday’s Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona… $70 value… plus some other stuff too…

As you can see, Wes is working hard to get things ready for tonight…

not trying to be a smart ass and i am glad we are racing but why not post this info earlier in the week you would get more cars and fans and what does the ape sleeping reference mean lol

Dam you caught me sorry Jeff but it’s been on the schedule since march on the web site

You know how you’ll often see tv commercials, ads in magazines, hear ads on the radio, see ads on web sites around the country, and see posters and billboards for up-coming races? That’s called getting the message out, and making sure the message stays in front of potential customers in every possible way until the actual event happens. Another word for that is promoting. You can post an announcement or schedule on your own web site and the 200 or so fans who know about the OSW web site will see your schedule. Or you can also post it in the above places to get the attention of the million or so people in and around Orlando.

thanks For your help

My pleasure. Now, when are you going to implement any of the hundreds of suggestions that we’ve posted on this and other sites?

To impact 5.000 people in the Orlando aera u must get 500,000 impresions.
The main new at 600 will reach this many people. Out of all of them if ur lucky 750 might buy a ticket. the news cost up to $6000 per spot. at best it would be a wash.
If u bougth all the meda for a event in Orlando…Radio news print and tv the cost would be $20,000. I have done it and its sad when the gate wont pay half the money spent to promote the event. Money wont get the job done.
Have a event that will get attention of the meda and they want to report on it. You cant buy that coverage with money.
Invent your own special event and sell it to the local meda …
We had a all womens demo and one of the girls from the tv station won it. she talked about it for months
The eye in the sky would talk about the traffic on hwy 50 over speedworld ( thanks Dave)
Wess think and go get them.
they wont bring ideas to u u take ideas to them

Can’t get the cart ahead of the horse; even if OSW had one night where 5,000 people went to the race there isn’t a good enough show (i.e. enough car count) to bring them back.

the first issue is to get the cars in the pits…give the fans a reason to come back.

A real conundrum. You can’t get people to come watch when there’s nothing to see. But you can’t give the fans in the stands something to see unless there’s plenty of people in the stands to pay the purse for all those racers that you need in order to put on a good show.