Confirmed Drivers for Clyde Hart Memorial 125..

The following are confirmed drivers for tomorrow’s 15th Annual Clyde Hart Memorial 125 for the Bright House Challenge Series 125.

Please note we are still adding drivers to this list and I will do my best to update it during the day.

[INDENT]1. 5k Daniel Keene
2. 26 Travis Cope (BHCS points leader)
3. 11 David Rogers (inaugural winner 1999)
4. 20 Anthony Sergi
5. 9 Rich Clouser (defending winner)
6. 86 Chet Morrison
7. 10 Matt Montineri
8. 36 Tim Russell (two-time CHM winner)
9. 129 Spencer Davis
10. 51 Stephen Nasse (1st time back in a car)
11. 00 CJ Castetter
12. 14 Mario Maresca
13. 57 Michael Lira
14. 33 Daniel Webster
15. 19 Ray Black Jr
16. 127 Brandon Booth[/INDENT]

There are a few more that I do not want to list at this time as they have not 100% confirmed. We are still contacting people and will try to keep this list as updated as possible throughout today.

anybody from the world crown show an interest that wasnt before?

We picked up Spencer Davis and Stephen Nasse from the World Crown so far.

Unless I misinterpreted something, it looks like Shawn McCormick said he was “ready for Wednesday, other than charging the batteries”.

Jerry, Thank you. Just went on his Facebook and this is indeed correct…

  1. 34 Shaughn McCormick
  1. 28 TJ Duke

Just saw where Nasse posted on Twitter it doesn’t look like they will make it.

Speed51 reporting 19 cars on the grounds as of 4 pm… Was thinking about going, but not enough cars to justify the expense… Weather looks good though… Hope everyone has a safe race… Good to see Tim Russell back in the saddle again…

Add Mario Maresca in the 14.