Hello Osw Anyone There?

Schedule says friday July 12th racing BUT your voice mail says July 13th, so which night are we racing?
is open practice still on for this wensday night? the 10th?
Dave or anyone at the track please help and let us know when which night.
Really hope new managment can get the track up and running

I have not heard a thing…

Dave so you still work there?

That’s a good question?

i heard wal -mart bought the land oh wait a min. that was last years rumor this is ridiculous tell us something please any body osw


Crash A Rama Series Will Be November 29 At Orlando Speedworld.

That’s assuming there still IS an Orlando Speedworld in November. The silence from that bunch sure is giving fans and racers an excuse to go somewhere else on Friday nights.

thanks moe you always keep us informed well in advanced osw take notes

the reason we need to know in advance my daughter megan works sat night is it fri are sat you have to make plans need to no the schedule says the 12 the answering machine says the 13 which is it or even going to race at all its not that hard of a question


I really have a hard time trying to understand why someone from osw cant just pick up the phone , write an email, use this message board tweet something!!! I have three race cars sitting here ready to go but cant get any answers from anyone on the schedule. Plans have to be made in order for people to make the show. I pull from Ft. Pierce so it takes time and MONEY to get there . Tell us something Please ! Now i understand why we cant get a decent car count or fans. Huge amount off disrespect :mad:

I sent a message to them to see if they will answer. maybe you can try calling the drag strip in Orlando or call Lakeland and maybe they can ask somebody or contact Ozzy .

I recall that NASCAR said the 2 tracks ( Orlando and OSW ) were not allowed to run the same night. So unless OSW dropped out of the NASCAR program they can’t run Saturdays.

I’ve known Bob Watson for a long time and he is a very cool guy… been around racing since dinosaurs roamed the earth… I’m sure we’ll all find out something soon… Chantal (or what will be left of her) looks like it will put a crimp in all racing plans for this weekend though…

Attention Racers & Race Fans Of Orlando Speed World As You Know We Are Now Under New Management And We Are Now Working With Nascar And Other Local Tracks To Change Our Schedule So We Can Create A Better Racing Experience For Our Racers And Race Fans Of Orlando Speed World . Please Be Patient With Us As We Try To Make Some Major Changes In Our Schedule. We Do Apologize For The Closure Of The Facility This Week July 12th, We Will Have Our New 2013 Schedule Posted By Sunday July 14th. Thank You For Your Continued Support And Please Understand We Are Trying To Make Osw The Best Place To Race In Florida.

What EZ put up was posted on Facebook… I still, personally have not heard from anyone… Weather looks bad Fri-Sun anyway this week… stay safe…

Thanks Dave thats better than nothing. I hope this is all a step in a positive direction time will tell .


Will be there in November the day after Thanksgiving. Please come out THANKS

thank you osw

The message has also been posted on the racetrack website.

When will racetracks realize that not everyone who uses a computer lives on that damn facebook? As long as they continue to post messages there most of us will NEVER see them. At least I won’t.