osw schedule

Has anybody seen Schedule yet for OSW

TBARA OSW resched?

On the OSW new schedule , I am wondering if there will be a rescheduling
of the race that was rained out on June 1st? Pit fees were $30.
that day. We were told to keep our wrist bands as rain checks.

its time osw we have to make plans where we are going to race is it friday or sat or at all its been a month

“…WE WILL HAVE OUR NEW 2013 SCHEDULE POSTED BY SUNDAY JULY 14TH…” :fragend005::confused:

1 sec. before midnight sunday a schedule will be posted hope you are still awake

Blahhhh not getting off on the right foot

Give The Man A Break

Come On Guys, Give This Man A Break…he Has A Lot To Look At,incase Ya’ll Dont Know, There Is A Lot More To This Then Just Unlocking The Front Gate. He Is Looking At The Hole Pitcure Here,not Just Next Week! If This Is Going To Work, Then We Must All Work Togather To Help Bring Osw Back To The Good Ol Days

Yes The Hole Was Right, As In How Deep Was It Sank!!!

Give this guy a break? Did anyone think the schedule would be up? This is total bs. The new management continues to say they will have things done at a certain time but they never do. Don’t promise racers something and not follow through. The only reason anyone has put up with their actions is because this is our home track. Their running of this track has been pathetic.

On For Nov 29 Crash A Rama Series

Try to make it out we will be running Nov 29 7:30 THANKS:)

I guess that is the New Schedule on the Web Site. Moe, Wouldn’t count your chickens yet!

By my count they’re on about their third or forth track manager and Ozzy only took the place over few months ago. The schedule, while important, is probably not the first thing on the to-do list. Give em time.

what do you mean give them time the racers or the most important part of osw we need to know now not later they have had plenty time its been more than a month since the last race no more time needed thats it i give up tired of waiting