A wild night at Bowman Gray Stadium

What a night at Bowman Gray. There’s a video of a driver hanging on to the side of another car after getting into an accident. He waited for the other driver to come around and then latched onto the side of his car. The driver should have kept his helmet on if he’s gonna do something stupid like that. The crowd sure got a kick out of it though.

Here it is, crazy. Sometimes I don’t realize how fast the cars can accelerate, until you see it with someone hanging off the side of the car.


That was remarkably dangerous. I wonder if the driver of the car realized what he was doing? I think he did because he was heading toward the wall with the intent to scraping away his passenger like frost from a windshield.

I’m all for entertaining the crowd, but that guy should have been sat down for a while.

The driver of that car had dumped the other driver going into turn one while he was leading.

Then after the ensuing restart, that same driver (of the red and white #02) dumped the new leader again going into turn three.

It’s my understanding that the driver of the #02 is not very popular there at Bowman-Gray.