Time to start building your cars!!!! "THUNDER SLAM" 2

[SIZE=“3”]It’s all coming together nicely. The Vet’s have three cars together for the Celebrity Event against the KING Jerry. We are adding a Educational Safety Center to the events and the weekend. Team SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) which will be the High Schools in the surrounding County Schools. They will be help spreading the word about the Events. They will get a car to design a graphic up in their schools colors logo etc… They will have the Friday for their events. An Auto Soccer game with a 6’ rubber ball and goal post. The object to score as many goals as possible in a given time. They will be sells tickets and getting a percent that goes back the their schools SADD Student Organization. Every student will have a GREAT TIME and have a fund raiser as well. So if you have or know a High Student in a County around the Lee County Civic Center please call me and I can get them the Official Approved Entry Packet to take to their school once school back is session. Again THANKS Jimmy Mc for helping with how to put on the pictures. Also check the spelling I always in a hurry.
Bobby Diehl
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The vets have got it BAD!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Ralph was trading in is Town Car soon anyway. So he said what the heck it’s for a GREAT cause. More pictures as I get them. And remember it about helping the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Yes Jason it’s me 40 lbs. lighter and in my schools shirt.[/SIZE]

Calling all kids in High School!!!

[SIZE=“3”]The Educational Safety Center (ESC) is growing by the day. I spoke to Jay Anderson of the Stay Alive Just Drive safety program about talking on your cell and worst texting while driving. Jay will head up the ESC area of the Thunder Slam. I also spoke to the Florida State coordinator Daniela who is trilled to be part of the program working with the schools SADD Chapters. She will assist in getting all the High Schools on board. Some of you may remember the “STOP on RED” Late Model race we had at CCMP way back in 2007 (36 cars starting). Melissa wife of Mark Wandall who lost his life to a red light runner killing him. Can’t wait to get thing going. And if that weren’t enough the Dory Slosberg Foundation will be on board as well. Dory lost her life at the age of 16 when the car she was riding in the back (seven kids with only six seat belts) was ejected out the rear window on to the cold hard concrete killing her. This is the foundation that created the seat belt laws in Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol will have the famous roll over car that shows how violence of a roll over can spit the accident dummies out the different opening of the cars. Plus the DWI glasses that will show teens what happens after one, two, or even five drinks and be driving a golf carts on a track area. Oh yeah this is going to be FUN and Educational for every one that comes. So please call me with any of the young Racers that want to be BIG HIT at School when they show off their talents of driving and bring a possible $1000.00’s plus money back to their school. They will be HERO of Day!!!
Bobby Diehl
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[SIZE=“3”]Plus please remember we are raising money for the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Please don’t forget the Families in need!!! [/SIZE]

Hey Bobby, I hear you are also getting involved in Electrathon. That is a cool program. I had a car for 3 years and helped out for a few more. Although I’ve moved on to other stuff, I bet you’ll enjoy it!

Sorry to hijack your thread…carry on.

YES I am!!!

How did you hear about that. It hasn’t been released yet. But, you know were I break the News!!! Please call me. 813-817-7223

Oops! I didn’t know that was a secret.

I told the people involved that you would be very good for their program.

Here is a link to my old Electrathon site. The sport in Florida was much smaller then, so you can see what the bottom of the barrel looked like, and build it up from there!


Great site!!!

Looks like a lot of FUN!!! Got in touch with Jim Robinson. Your right he is a wealth of info and contacts.
Bobby Diehl

Great News!!!

[SIZE=“5”]We have another Teen Group involved. This will make the program reach so many more students!!![/[/SIZE]

Latest update. It’s coming together.

Here’s a picture of other one of the VET’s cars ready for the Dec. THUNDER SMASH!!!They are sure having fun!!! Give me a call if you have any questions.

Bobby Diehl
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