Valdosta Georgia

Heading north for a while.Can anyone tell me if they’ve been to the blacktop track off I -75 this year.Anything about car counts etc…Or for that matter if its still open.

They have a link on Deep Dixie Racing. The track is known as South Georgia Motorsports park. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the circle track but they may be running the drag strip. They haven’t had a quality circle track race since the Hooters when they opened and a couple of the old pro series that David Reutimann ran. Don’t know when you are going but the Southern All Stars are running Albany and Needmore in early Aug. if you like good dirt track racing.

check up the road for Watermelon Capital Speedway’
s schedule, love the track & have watched some of the best racing there.

My goof. The Deep Dixie Racing web site no longer has a link to South Georgia Motorsports Park. If you want info on SGMP and Watermellon I guess you will have to google them.

I got on the website

But as far as the oval track goes its pretty generic.No way to tell what the car counts are like.Apparently they are operating though.

You can try the results for each track to get an idea of classes and car counts. In the past SGMP car counts have not been all that high, As for a facility it is truly first class and is simply poorly located for weekly pavement shows. The drag strip also is first class. There is not a bad seat in the house it is just that S. Georgia is and has always been dirt territory. This facility could easily accommodate a professional circuit except that there are very few motels in the area with the majority being in the Valdosta/Tifton exits. Whatever good luck in your travels but keep one eye on the clouds like Florida it tends to rain most evenings.

Last I heard the Circle Track is not running, but the Drag Strip is.

Looks like they are racing this coming Saturday night. Checking the results it looks as if they are getting about the same car count as all the paved tracks around here…low
Here’s a link==>