A race for fourth

(Takes a drink)

I’m not sure if this is a new idea. It’s a new idea for me.

Let’s have a race for fourth place. If this is a $500-to-win class, fourth place pays $500. 1st, 2nd and 3rd get their respective points for the evening but the low end of the pay scale.

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What could this accomplish? Well, there won’t be many runaway winners. There won’t be much follow the leader. There should be a constant cluster for fourth, bringing the fastest guys back to the pack. Also-rans could have a chance. It would be interesting.

Is this gimmicky? Absolutely. But it would be different. It could add some entertainment value, bring some new faces into victory lane and create some really close racing. It may even be a spectacle.

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The big question: Would any racer be into this idea?

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You’d sure find out who had the best brakes.

Good point. As best as I can imagine, this race would cause drivers to break every rule posted at the Little 500 GoKart Track. Then again, how much different would it be than races at Talladega…

[QUOTE=Matt Albee;130558]( takes a big drink )
You’d sure find out who had the best brakes.[/QUOTE]

I would make the last lap very interesting.

I’ve heard about races where second place is the winner. It would have to be done with demo quality cars because this would get pretty destructive. I think it is a good idea for a novelty race and I bet it would be funny to watch.

This idea really does have entertainment value. The trick to making it a success would be to keep the big payout position a secret until one or two laps from the end. Then flash the big pay out position ( could be any position, changes every race ) on a sign at the start finish line, or hanging from the flagstand, and watch the fun begin.

The Lowes Dirt Track had something similar, and I was totally entertained…

The racers (all with a “theme” rather than a number) were going for the win, but they track had an “Enforcer”… a cop car themed racer that is much faster than the rest of the cars.

If anyone gets too big of a lead, the Enforcer interferes with the leaders long enough for the rest to catch up. It doesn’t pay to get a big lead, and it understood by all competitors that this is about FUN, more than winning.

The Enforcer also had push bars, and would push stalled or crashed cars into the infield instead of throwing cautions.

It was wildly entertaining…