Montoya not being asked back for 2014

The team confirmed that Juan Pablo will lose his ride at the end of the year. No word who is getting the ride, but my money goes on Kyle Larson. He’s already a Ganassi employee, and I think the kid has enough talent to move up already.

Also, Austin Dillon has been tabbed to fill Tony Stewarts seat this weekend in Michigan. No word if it is a one-off ride, or if he will be the permanent sub until Tony heals.

I was wondering when they would make a change w jpm. His attitude and performance seemed like that of a guy who wasn’t hungry and seemed to be just taking up space. He was aggressive, but seemed like he had nothing to prove and was collecting a check.

Now the real question is just how tight is Larsons contract. I almost dont want him to run for EGR and waste his time. I cant picture him not being w a top tier team. I guess it will be a good place for him to learn the ropes and tear up a few cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if Newman ends up there instead. Leaving larson in Nationwide another year.

Jet Dryer drivers everywhere just breathed a huge sigh of relief! :huepfen024:

Is it just me?.. but every time they interviewed Montoya before or after a race I could not understand a damn word that he was saying. And I thought that Ward Burton was hard to understand back in the day. Ha Ha…:confused:

You want a ball-busting laugh, find the interview with John-Boy & Billy, and Ward Burton promoting the Caterpillar Skid-Steer Loader.

That boy just can NOT talk sometimes…

Bubba… I read an interview with Kyle about a year ago where he talks (somewhat) about his contract with EGR.

I can’t quote him, but he basically said that he feels that contract has an “out” clause in it, and stated that he realized they weren’t up to par with the other teams, and either the team steps up, or he can get out…

It seems there IS a contract, but has more holes than a submarine with screen doors.


Also, Austin Dillon has been tabbed to fill Tony Stewarts seat this weekend in Michigan. No word if it is a one-off ride, or if he will be the permanent sub until Tony heals.[/QUOTE]

Greg Zipadelli said the team expects to know more about Stewart’s future after a doctor’s appointment Wednesday. Stewart was released Sunday night from a North Carolina hospital after a second surgery. “In the next couple of days, we’ll probably be able to lay out the whole schedule,” Zipadelli said. There hasn’t been a driver named for the Aug. 24 race at Birstol Motor Speedway as SHR considers substitutes for Stewart on a race-to-race basis. Zipadelli said Dillon could become the short-term answer if he performed well at Michigan. “We’d rather have one or two drivers if we can work it out, that’ll give us some consistency and build some communication between the crew and driver and give us our best chance. We’re working on some of that stuff now. It may be more than two, maybe three or four. If that’s the case, we’ll look at each individual racetrack and see who’s available who runs best at the track and make the best choice we can.” Dillon also will be racing in Saturday’s Nationwide event at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. Because it’s the series’ debut at the track, he will have a full test day Thursday that will allow him to skip two Friday practices in his #3 Chevy while he practices and qualifies Stewart’s car at Michigan.

oh Juan Pablo

So he’s out at CGR,and this surprises…no one.Plus,there hasnt even been a snort,uh er sniff of another race team offering Montoya another ride for next year.Oh well,there’s always product that needs moved in Columbia…:huepfen024:

Montoya needs to be in a road course series. He has WAAY too much talent to be toiling around in circles in a lead sled Cup car. Next year he’ll be back in sports cars or Indy cars where his skills belong, or heck…maybe even F1.

I heard Balough’s out maybe he and JPM can work something out.